Work and Shoot Schedules

The attached schedules show where everyone is working and shooting.
Wherever possible squadding requests have been honored, however, with over 300 special squadding requests it was not possible to satisfy all the requests.

At this time additional requests for changes to the squad lists will not be considered. Some people may be unhappy.

If you find any errors and omissions, please let us know and they will be‎ fixed.

It is unlikely that interim revisions to the schedules and lists will be published.  Final schedules and lists will be posted at the match.

Send corrections, errors and omissions to:

Driving force is providing a 10% discount for the 2017 IPSC Nationals. For competitors wanting to take advantage of this discount they must use discount code IPSC10 when making their reservations. The discount will be applied when they pick up their vehicle. If there are any further questions, give me a call.
Steve Sullivan

Ralph and Joe

Pre-match Schedule

Pre-Match Squads 2017 Nationals

Thursday Work Schedule
Thursday Shooting Schedule Squads

Friday Work Schedule
Friday Shooting Schedule Squads

Saturday Work Schedule
Saturday Shooting Schedule Squads

Squads List 2017 Nationals