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    Ralph S

    Now that the 2016 championship has been completed, I want to welcome each of you to the upcoming “2017 IPSC Canada National Championship”.

    The match is being held on the BTSA range in the Kananaskis area, west of Calgary from July 18-22, 2017. While the shooting does not start until July 18, 2017, each of you is aware that the preparation for this match has already started.

    The 2017 IPSC Canada National Championship will be the largest IPSC match held in Canada with shooting slots available for 324 competitors. While that is the largest IPSC match held in Canada, there is provision to scale up the number of available slots should this become necessary. One of the ways that we are able to handle the increased attendance is by having a 2-day pre-match. All of the CRO’s and most of the vendor’s and match volunteers will shoot the pre-match over 2 days, such that the pre-match shooting experience is spread over 2 shooting days, the same as the competitors that will also shoot for ½ day each on two separate days.

    As you are probably aware next year (2017) is the 150th anniversary of Canada and the 40th anniversary of IPSC in Canada. These 2 anniversaries will be incorporated into our match. The “theme” of the match will be “Canadian Stories”.

    The primary source of information for the match will be our website ( There will be a forum on this website so that questions can be asked/answered and information can be shared. You will need to register on the website in order to use the forum. Registration at the website will also be a requirement for the match registration process. Be sure and pass this information along to your IPSC friends and contacts.

    Note: the match website will be the only source of information and answers regarding the 2017 IPSC Canada National Championship. We will not be answering questions or discussing the match on any other forums (this includes IPSC Alberta or Gun Nutz). This single source of information ensures that we only answer questions once, and the answer is the same for everyone. We will try and answer all relevant questions at

    Activities that we have identified as needing some additional support are:
    • Hay bale installation/Bay splitting
    • Post-match tear down and clean-up
    • Trophies & Prizes (to gather and organize)
    • Receive competitor ammunition (preferably a commercial or industrial location that competitors can courier their ammunition to, then transport to the range)
    • Stage Artwork
    • Printing, artwork, graphics
    • Registration (pre-match and main match)
    • Prize allocation (prizes to be allocated before the awards ceremony for distribution during the banquet).

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the 2017 IPSC Canada National Championship.

    Co-Match Director



    Hey Ralph, Thanks for stepping up and putting this off!

    Just a quick question, or clarification …
    – In order to register for the competition, a shooter will need to be registered on this forum? (i.e. create a username and password to log in to the website, down the right hand side). Presumable the one (1) Log in will enable both activities to happen.

    Just want to make sure. Looking forward to being back in Alberta.

    Thanks in advance,



    Ralph S


    Probably not a requirement to be a registered member of this site to be able to register.

    The plan had been for the match registration page to be tied in to registered members of this site. So if you were logged in to this site and clicked on the registration page your information would have automatically filled in the match registration form. That would have saved some time and effort during the registration, and would sped things up during the general scramble on Feb 15th. The automatic registration was also supposed to carry over to the Practiscore system, which would reduce the amount of manipulation of data that is required to get the match squads and schedule set-up.

    Life got in the way.

    We need to be able to have a registration system ready very soon for the Section Teams, vendors, and Match Staff to register before early February. Unless something happens very soon the automatic system will not be in place and we will be using a more traditional registration. Fill in the registration form that will be available at the site, send your payment (EMT preferred), and the match organizers will do the data manipulation behind the scenes to get the squadding and scheduling done.

    That is why my answer is that registration into this web page is probably not a requirement. I would like to have the automatic system, but it is more important to have a registration method in place and ready to go in the immediate future.




    Might I suggest a Sponsors’ page or link so that potential sponsors can look at the various sponsorship packages available.

    I (Platinum Electric & Building Services) am considering a sponsorship yet I have no venue or link to access yet I see there are already sponsors’ logos scrolling on the home page.

    Also, as discussed, I have committed to volunteer for the Registration Packages assembly and dissemination as I did for Provincials 2015. Can you please post a volunteers’ page or link so that others can sign up to assist my crew and the other crews that will be struck? I would also like to see complete transparent visibility so that everyone can see who is stepping up to assist and who is dogging it and not volunteering at all. We have a significant membership yet still lots of room for increased participation when it comes to volunteering.

    Nick Dabrensky
    403 471-5553

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