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    Ralph S

    Parking at BTSA will be tight. Really tight.
    • Car pool where you can,
    • Use this forum to establish car-pooling or ride sharing arrangements.

    There will be Match Officials working in a Parking Control capacity to assist you with where you can park, and they will try and get you parked as close as possible to the range. They will be working to get everyone parked as efficiently and as close to the BTSA range as possible, while maintaining safe access for everyone. There will also be a shuttle van to pick up competitors and their gear for transportation to the range from the parking areas. Please work with our Parking Match Officials to make this as painless as possible for everyone.

    For those who have been at other matches at BTSA and think you know where there is a parking spot, you are probably wrong. The Nationals is a much bigger event and every piece of ground has a purpose, generally not for parking. There is parking available, but not in areas that have been used during other events.

    Parking inside the BTSA gate (51.004549, -114.772265) will be allowed to be double or triple parked. There are 2 areas inside the gate. The lower parking area is immediately beside the gate (a new parking area) and an existing upper area. Between these 2 areas there is probably room for 50-70 vehicles if they are doubled parked and stacked deep.

    This will be good for people to use on their scheduled working day. You should arrive early, park in either of the BTSA parking areas, lock your vehicle for the day, and then retrieve your vehicle at the end of day when everyone else is leaving. This arrangement will not be very good for the competitor who expects to shoot in the morning and then leave at noon. The Match Staff will not expend any effort trying to help you find out who has blocked you in.

    Also inside the BTSA gate there will be 2 small areas of parking reserved for Vendors and Match Staff vehicles. These reserved spots will be kept to a minimum, so please respect these locations.

    To reduce the number of vehicles that will be parked at BTSA, we will have passenger vans to shuttle some of the Staff/CROs between the range and the match hotel. During the day at least one passenger van will be used to shuttle competitors who are parked outside the BTSA gate.

    Outside the BTSA gate there is parking for 20-25 vehicles at the “old public parking” (51.004094, -114.771940), which is about 100 m from the BTSA gate and at a lower elevation than the BTSA ranges. There is also parking at the “old shotgun area” (51.006271, -114.772415) which is about 300 m north of the BTSA gate. Finally there is side of the road parking between the BTSA gate (51.004549, -114.772265) and the APRA gate (51.013865, -114.774181). This side of the road parking should handle 50+ vehicles.

    There is nothing that can be done to make the parking situation good, but with your co-operation the tight parking situation will be acceptable.

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