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    Ralph S

    A while ago I was whining and sniveling about trying design a bunch of short stages to fit into a small footprint. (In order to fit 16 stages on our range the decision was made to give each of the long and medium stages a full bay, but to fit 2 short stages on the other bays.) I was concerned that the 8 short stages, which I was trying to fit into a smallish footprint, would look like they were designed by one person.

    I really did not expect anyone to listen to my complaining. Well Trenton did. He then spoke to Jacob Heglas. Jacob designs the Extreme Euro Open plus other IPSC matches. Jacob contacted me, asked what we needed, and offered to design some short stages for us. And he has delivered.


    This year’s IPSC Nationals will have some new and improved European Designed Stages.

    A big THANK-YOU to Jacob for doing this.

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