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    Ralph S

    The site of this year’s Nationals is on the Buffalo Target Shooters Association (BTSA) ranges located in the Kananaskis area west of Calgary.

    If you have tried to locate the BTSA ranges on Google maps you would have found very sketchy information. There are limited roads in this area, and the location of the roads shown on Google maps does not exactly match with the actual roads on the ground.

    While the “maps” are a bit off, the aerial photos are good and fairly recent. From Google maps, click on “earth” for the photos. Then use the directions box to enter the location of the gate at BTSA (51.004549, -114.772265). The photo will then show the location of the gate (red pin) and the cleared areas to the west and south of the pin are the BTSA ranges. The photo is recent as of last summer.

    The BTSA ranges are a part of the area leased by the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA) from the Alberta government. The APRA leases the land from the government and then various user groups use parts of the lease. APRA has a locked gate (51.013865, -114.774181) across the road at the beginning of their lease. Prior to the Nationals we will have made arrangements for this gate to be left open during our event, OR, there will be code made available on this web site for competitors to use to access the APRA lands.

    The BTSA ranges are about 1 km south of the APRA gate. There are 2 other gates on the right side (west) of the road between the APRA gate and BTSA. Those gates are for the ranges of other user groups.

    Vehicle parking during the Nationals will be available at:
    • BTSA Upper Level (51.003900, -114.772550). About 20-25 vehicles, DOUBLE PARKED,
    • BTSA Lower Level (51.004470, -114.772634). This area is being built this week (December, 2016). About 25-30 vehicles, DOUBLE PARKED,
    • “Old Public Parking” (51.004094, -114.771940). About 20-25 vehicles, about 100 m from the BTSA gate
    • “Old Shotgun Area” (51.006271, -114.772415). About 20-25 vehicles, about 300 m from the BTSA gate, and
    • Side of the road between the BTSA gate and the APRA gate for 50+ vehicles.

    The BTSA Clubhouse (51.004098, -114.772988), will be the location of vendors, stats and lunch.


    Co-Match Director

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